If you are a Developer in the hospitality space, please register and check-out our useful toolset for API development. Partner Connect is a cost-effective way for you to assist your clients and deliver an easy-to-use connection to website.

You can browse API specifications, use our sandbox to test formatting and messages, access all Documentation and Best Practices, FAQs, and participate in the Developers' Forum.

Please note: If you represent hotels who are currently working with you're in the right place.  If you have hotels who would like to work with but who do not currently have contracts,  please have the hotels contact Partner Marketing at as hotels will have to be contracted prior to connecting.

Partner Connect APIs

The following APIs drive the Partner Connect platform. Select one below to find out detailed information.


Allows a supplier to push updates including per person and per room base rates, property fees, inventory, sell restrictions, stay restrictions, occupancy rules, cancel penalties and child policies.

Booking Retrieve

Allows a supplier to retrieve unconfirmed bookings from

Hotel Info

Allows a supplier to retrieve information on room and product details for base rates, property fees, taxes, inventory, stay and sell restrictions, occupancy rules, cancel penalties and child age policies.

Booking Delivery

Bookings and cancellation details are pushed to the partner. The details in the message are the same as Booking Retrieve.

Inventory Verification

Enables to verify hotel product inventory on the partner's system


Resource Description
FAQs Common questions about the API
Best Practices Understand the best practices we follow and recommend
Learning Center Tutorials, training, glossaries and learning materials
API Sandbox This is our very own API testing and learning tool
Extranet Access extranet to validate your updates
Get Certified Become a certified partner
Get into Production Find out what steps you need to follow to start working and growing with us
Forum Get in touch with us for any kind of comments, questions or feedback

Developer Registration

Follow these simple steps and start using API's for connecting hotels:

1.Register for a user account and apply for an API key. It's completely free.

2.Browse the documentation for more information on the API.

3.Play in the sandbox.

4.Join a discussion in the forum and get all your questions answered.