“The Travelocity Direct Connect program has been an overwhelming success.   Not only did we see an immediate increase in transaction volume, but with the Direct Connect we doubled our transaction volume within 5 months of implementation of the entire LeisureLink portfolio.  Last but not least, the Direct Connect program had a positive operational impact as the seamless nature of the program minimized rate caching research and extranet management efforts.”   Jeff Farr, Vice President, Revenue & Business Development, Leisurelink

“As one of the first Travelocity API partners we expected to have a few hurdles however the integration was quick and very smooth due to a team that was knowledgeable and very attentive.  The new API has sped up our time to market and our accuracy and bookings have increase as well; a very successful effort all around.”   David J. Vitko, CTO, Leisurelink


"To everyone involved in Travelocity Connect, thank you so much for professional and helpful expertise.  The information contained within the portal, along with the specifications, are very easy to work with, allowing us to quickly complete the development.  Our mutual customers are very happy with new connection, making it much easier for all involved to work together."  Federico Tomassini, Project Manager, WuBook